Aosta to Tuscany

Biking in Aosta with scenic rides and then Tuscany with rolling hills

About The Experience

Welcome to the ultimate biking adventure in Italy, featuring two of the country's top destinations: Aosta and Tuscany. Experience the perfect blend of alpine thrills and scenic countryside rides, all while immersing yourself in Italy's rich culture and cuisine.


This is a suggested itinerary. We'll adapt it to your group, the season and the weather as required.

Explore Aosta: The Heart of the Alps

Begin your journey in the stunning Aosta Valley, nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and challenging trails, Aosta is a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts. Ride through rugged mountains, lush forests, and picturesque valleys. Discover epic singletracks and exhilarating downhill runs that promise an adrenaline-pumping experience. Aosta’s diverse terrain caters to all skill levels, from beginners to expert riders.


Rugged mountain trails, Breathtaking alpine scenery, Historic sites and charming villages, Local cuisine and hospitality

Discover Tuscany: Rolling Hills and Historic Charm

Next, head to the enchanting region of Tuscany, famous for its rolling hills, vineyard-covered landscapes, and historic towns. Tuscany offers a more leisurely yet equally captivating biking experience. Ride through scenic countryside routes, past vineyards, olive groves, and medieval towns. The region’s gentle hills and well-maintained trails are perfect for riders of all levels.


Scenic countryside routes, Vineyards and olive groves, Medieval towns and historic sites, Renowned Tuscan cuisine and wine

Required Skills

TECH LEVEL: Intermediate


check our rating system  here
If your group includes 4 or more people
this tour can be booked at any time of
the season

Tour Price


(Price based on two sharing a room in local b&b)


(Price based on two sharing a room in 4* hotel)

What's Included

4 days professional MTB Guide
Shuttle uplift (required by the itinerary)
2 nights accommodation in Aosta (b&b)
2 nights accommodation in Finale Ligure (b&b)

Available on Request

Bike Rental
Airport Transfer
Transfer from Aosta to Tuscany

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Technical & Fitness levels

We ask all riders to review the “Technical and Fitness Rating System” to ensure you are confident riding on the level required for the particular rides you are interested in joining!

Please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure the ride of interest matches your technical level and fitness prior to booking your ride.


You can ride a bike and are happy riding on dirt roads with gentle climbs and descents.

You enjoy riding easy single track that isn’t narrow or technical and you know the basics of body position and how to brake and corner safely. You enjoy riding in the mountains as long as it’s not too exposed or steep. You’d maybe like to learn more to enable you to tackle more technical or narrower trails with roots and rocks.

Intermediate +
You are comfortable riding on narrow single track with some rocks and roots and are able to proactively ride most trails. If the corners are too tight or the trail is too technical you are happy to walk a few meters, but you’d like to work on your skills to help you ride them.

You are comfortable riding almost any trail including steep rock sections, tight switch backs, off camber sections, roots, and narrow exposed single track in high mountain terrain. You’ve ridden in the mountains and are not intimidated by sustained, steep descents that include all of these features. You know when it’s better to get off the bike, but don’t have to often.

Pro Bro
You are a professional or sponsored mountain biker, and/or you compete regularly in national or international competitions. You can ride all terrain pro-actively and safely, in any mountain environment or weather conditions.


You are happy riding for a few hours and are capable of climbing up to 500 vertical meters over the course of a day.

You are happy riding for a several hours and are capable of climbing between 500-800 vertical meters over the course of a day. You could ride like this for 2-3 consecutive days.

You are capable of riding for multiple days in a row at a moderate pace for several hours each day. You can handle moderately steep climbs of up to around 1000 vertical meters in a day including some pushing or carrying your bike if required. You have ridden at altitude (2000 slm+) previously, and understand the effect it has on you.

You are capable of riding for multiple days for an average of 4-6 hours of pedal time each day. You can climb 1000-1500 vertical meters each day including pushing or carrying your bike over long sections (30-60mins) if required. You have ridden at altitudes of over 2000 slm+ previously and are happy doing so, although you may have to go slower and take more breaks.

You are capable of riding for multiple days in a row for an average of 6-8 hours each day. You can handle steep, sustained climbs of over 1,500m each day including pushing or carrying your bike over long sections (60mins+) if required. Altitude is no problem to you and you are used to riding at over 2500 slm+.