E-Bike vs. Mountain bike: Which suits you best?

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A famous soliloquy starts off with “ To be or not to be, that is the question”. Something that doesn’t really have an answer. Within our clients and friends the biggest question we get asked is “Bike or E-Bike?”. And there is no correct answer to this either.

You ride, you choose

Here in the Aosta Valley we have such a big variety of trails that it is hard to choose which bike is better. We do believe bikes, as partners, should be chosen based on you. And you only. You need to consider your goals, which trails you like to ride and as importantly, your level of fitness. Riding should be a fun moment, and having the right bike for you is what ensures it. Whether you like to feel the fatigue, or you enjoy being supported, it is your choice on how you want to ride.

Some trails require more agile equipment which is what the acoustic bikes do offer. Other trails are long (or we like to make them long) and having that extra battery besides your own body makes them smooth and very enjoyable. We do know that some riders do not consider e-bikes as bikes. And we do respect that. But for us riding is first of all a passion and as all passions should be followed as you feel.

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Our top two for 2024

Technology develops and it does that wonderfully in the bike world. New materials, lighter weights, better flexibility and manageability. The new bikes are definitely helping us to ride better than ever. Two new releases are on the market and we see them perfectly as riding companions.

The all-new Scott Ransom has been engineered for maximum downhill performance and an all-time confidence inspiring ride. An incredible excursion and a killer geometry makes it perfect to tackle our shuttle rides tours and all kind of trails here in the Aosta Valley

When going electric we can’t but pick the all-new Scott Voltage eRide hanks to its lightness it’s easy to push it when in need, load it on your back, and it will take you along all the ridges of our Once in a Lifetime collection.

So pick your bike, choose your goals, and get ready to ride further, higher, wilder.

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